Personal Trainer

Currently the field of personal training is not licensed in the United States. Practicing trainers interested in using nutrition tools are subject to the statutes of the relevant nutrition laws for their state. 

When can you use nutrition tools in your practice:
If you are a practicing trainer in a state where there is a licensure with exclusive scope of practice law for nutrition, you are not allowed to use nutrition tools in your practice, unless specifically named in the law’s list of exemptions.

  • An exception is if you are hired to practice nutrition by a doctor (delegated authority) whose license includes the practice of nutrition.  In this case, you can practice under their supervision and within their scope of practice guidelines.


If the nutrition law in your state is a licensure without exclusive scope of practice then you can practice nutrition care without being certified/licensed as a nutrition care provider. However, if specific title protections exists in the law, you may not use any protected title in advertising or practice.

Check your nutrition state law to see if it is: a licensure with exclusive scope of practice; a licensure without exclusive scope of practice; you fall within the listed exemptions of the law; or there is no law for your state.

Disclaimer: This information represents a preliminary interpretation of state statutes, and cannot be substituted for legal counsel.