About Us

Center Mission and Vision:
The Center for Nutrition Advocacy® mission is to advance the pivotal role of nutrition practitioners in healthcare through public and private policy. We envision transforming the health of Americans through a healthcare system that promotes diverse providers practicing nutrition to the level of their training and giving consumers access to the practitioner of their choice.

Nutrition is not the sole purview of any single profession, but is a toolset skillfully used by a wide variety of trained professionals to improve the health of those they serve. Whether it is a clinical nutrition professional providing medical nutrition therapy to somone with a health condition, a pharmacist counseling about drug-nutrient interactions, or a health coach teaching someone how to implement healthy dietary changes, these and many other professionals have a crucial role to play in addressing our nation’s health crisis.

CNA works towards a future in which all those trained in the tools of nutrition have a safe-guarded right to practice to the level of their training. Our approach to advocacy is one of pragmatism, not of ideology, and we do not have a fixed response to all licensure bills and other advocacy issues. While we recognize that the outcome we achieve in any single advocacy effort may not be optimal for every one of the many stakeholder groups, we rely on our mission and vision as guide. We evaluate and work within the legislative and regulatory environment of the given state, federal and private arena, and advocate for the best possible outcome that is reasonably attainable for that arena.

The purpose of this website is to provide the most accurate information possible about  regulatory issues regarding the practice of nutrition, to all who use nutrition tools in practice. We intend for this to be a resource to provide up to date information on new bills or proposed changes to existing law or regulations, including our recommended actions, based on our evaluation of each issue and arena.

Founding the Center:
The Center for Nutrition Advocacy (CNA) is an initiative of the Board for Certification of Nutrition Specialists (BCNS), the certifying body for the Certified Nutrition Specialist® (CNS®) and the Certified Nutrition Specialist–Scholar℠ (CNS-S℠) credentials. Certified Nutrition Specialists are on the front lines battling the epidemic of obesity and chronic disease, and the BCNS supports these efforts and certifies nutrition professionals that maintain the highest standard of nutrition competence. Our certificants come from diverse backgrounds, including professionals from almost every health industry. The CNS is the most frequently recognized, non-dietetics credential, with its credential and/or examination recognized in the regulatory frameworks of 13 state and territories. Learn more about the BCNS and the CNS credential.